DJ South Scream | DutchBBoy Mixtape #79

De mixtape van de week komt van DJ Scream. Deze DJ uit Oekraine leeft Hip Hop! Hij is naast DJ ook B-Boy en de promoter van Yalta Summer Jam. Check hier zijn mixtape:



Here comes the creator! B-Boy, Dj, Host & Yalta Summer Jam organizer – South Dj Screaaaam on the 1’s & 2’s!

“Brothers and sisters! I send you the inspiration and incentive to work in the form of a new mixtape. This mix is recorded strictly for those who are working hard on the floor, developing the skills of breaking and outputs it to a new level! My taste is based on the contrasts, so the musical mosaic is full of surprises! There are beats of both modern and rare classic records.
I want to thank all the peeps who shared their knowledge and inspired me on my creative journey! To everyone who i built with for my 15 years in Hip Hop, even in the short conversation, I owe what I have today! I’m 31 and my experience suggests that anything that’s done with a good purpose, certainly will give results! Surround yourself with kindness and love, share it with each other as a part of our culture, and you will always face victory! I agree with Nietzsche: “The day passed in vain if I did not dance.” So dance, my friend! Get the circle!”

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